The Campaign Results Screen


The Feedback tab contains: 

  1. The number of Participants
  2. Ratings for Story, Audio, and Visuals
  3. Qualitative feedback which includes Participant name, email address, what they liked most, and what they would do differently. 

You can also drill down the results by Ethnicity, Age Group, Gender, and Country using the Filter Options across the top of the Feedback tab.

After your campaign has been viewed you will see how your campaign is performing.


Within the Emotions tab you will see

  1. The video player
  2. Emotional Analysis which visualizes the overall emotions expressed by your participants while watching your video.
  3. Emotional Feedback which visualizes the emotions evoked by Participants over time.

Emotion Results can be combined with the Filters for narrowing the results. 

The Emotional Feedback timeline will let you see the positive and negative emotions over the length of the video. You can click on any point of the video and it will give you a breakdown of emotions at that specific point in time.

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